Is it better to install laptop in school backpack or laptop backpack?

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If you install a laptop, we still recommend that you choose to use a computer backpack. There are portable, single-shoulder, and double-shoulder laptop backpacks. For example, the double-shoulder laptop backpack is compared with school backpacks. School backpacks are mostly double-shouldered. In the separation layer, different items can be sorted and placed. But the main purpose of most school backpacks is to store school materials. There is no dedicated laptop compartment or Velcro straps. Some are just a thin lining compartment. If the laptop is put in, the inside of the school backpack cannot be matched. The laptop plays a fixed and protective role, and it will sway in the bag when the school backpack is carried. The laptop is a relatively delicate electronic product. If it is accidentally bumped, it will be easily damaged. Therefore, there is no special setting. The school bag in the computer compartment is not suitable for storing computers.

The laptop backpack is different. The laptop backpack is a special backpack specially made for storing and laptops. There will be a dedicated computer compartment inside according to the computer protection requirements. The compartment will be equipped with shockproof PE cotton, which can protect the laptop. It is anti-drop and anti-vibration effect. The top of the compartment is usually equipped with a Velcro fixing strap. Put the laptop in, which can fix the laptop and prevent the computer from shaking and accidentally being damaged in the bag. In addition, in order to make it easier for users to use, current laptop backpacks generally have compartments for storing other items, which can classify and place documents, mobile phones, wallets and other items, which is very practical and convenient to use.

To put it simply, a computer backpack can be used as a school bag, but the school bag may not be used as a laptop bag. Both have their own characteristics. If it is used to install a laptop, it is recommended that you choose a laptop backpack with better protection.

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