How to choose a backpack for business trips?

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In modern times, many business people need to travel frequently. For these people, besides a computer, there is an indispensable backpack. Then, how to choose your travel partner? Let's analyze it together.

In the face of frequent business trips, what are our needs? These are the points I want to share today.

First, in terms of style, backpacks need to be both business and simple, and they need to be both business and business trips. Anyone who has experience knows that when traveling on business, it is necessary to have as few items as possible and travel lightly. Bringing too many items can cause headaches, not to mention two bags, simple travel is the best.

Secondly, from the structural point of view, the backpack should have a large capacity, preferably with an inner bag or expandable, so that it can be handled freely regardless of work or business trips on weekdays.

Third, it is light in weight, light in self-importance, strong and reliable, and resistant to dirt. Long-term burdens are unavoidable during the travel process. If the backpack itself is already very heavy, it will become heavier after loading the items. It is not a partner but a burden. And the backpack needs to be often placed on the carriage, luggage rack, floor, etc., and must be dirt-resistant and durable.

Fourth, it has a special notebook compartment, which is slightly higher than the whole to avoid collision with the computer when placing the backpack. The notebook is a sharp tool for work, and there must be a special compartment for storage and protection.

Fifth, it has a trolley case strap. In addition to frequent short-term business trips, occasional long-term business trips require a trolley case. A backpack with a trolley case strap can save you more than half of your energy.

Sixth, the functional zoning is clear, and there are more bags. At least there should be special pockets such as important document storage layer, water cup storage bag, umbrella storage bag, paper folder layer, and power cord bag.

Seventh, the place where the water cup and umbrella are placed should be waterproof. If the water cup accidentally leaks or the umbrella is still wet, if the bag is not waterproof, it is easy to damage the important documents inside the backpack.

The backpack can do the above points, I think it can basically meet most of the functions of your business trip, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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